Stopping the Spread

For every $20 of sales, we will make and donate at least 5 masks to medical professionals in need of them.

The Online Store of

Mind Cradle began with the vision of sharing our passion for design with our close friends and family. Through art we are able to effectively communicate ideas and share emotions with one another. We hope to spread a positive message that is easily received and genuinely reciprocated.

Products that we produce are printed and crafted in the United States, supporting the local economy. A portion of every sale proceeds to the artist, supporting them financially and empowering their art.


Artistic Support

Every product we make is adorned in our Artist's work, who we financially supported with each sale.

Made in the USA

Quality Products made right here in the U.S. in our facilities in Philly. 

Quality Materials

Each product is meticulously designed then printed using a special process that showcases a high defination vibrancy like no other