Ephemeral Robes

Our Ephemeral Robe is inspired in both form and function by iconic kimonos and yukatas and is blended with original Mind Cradle artwork to create a truly unique piece.

Fabric: Poly Silk: 100% calendarized polyester. This 2.2 ounce gossamer fabric floats on the skin rendering a gentle and almost non-existent feel.

Imaging: We use Italian-made sublimation dyes to permanently place the graphics onto the fabric. This process involves bonding individual dye molecules to the fiber molecules. This provides an incredibly high-detail, vibrant image. This fabric takes on the dye with an even greater vibrancy than any other fabric we've offered to date.

Construction: The Ephemeral Robe, true to inspiration, is cut from the cloth in the most efficient form possible leaving little fabric wasted. It is then sewn with the utmost care and clean finished along all edges. The robe itself overlaps to varying degrees to contour to your own unique body type and comes in several length to accommodate all heights. Our style deviates from tradition to seal the edges of the sleeves creating a convenient pouch. Finally, all robes include a modest and matching sash to compliment and complete the garment.

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