Psybe Industsries

Psybe Industries (Adam Carsons) is a year old self taught painter hailing from northern New Jersey. Examining his own large internal universe, Adam is a master at making the viewer guess at the meaning of his highly polished, complex worlds. Composing his spaces with spray-paint, he chisels down his iterated and flowing landscapes into unreal geometric explosions with fine line acrylic painting and hyper focused detail work. Recently breaking through into a quasi-realistic acrylic attained uniformity, Adam’s gradations and glazing are almost as painstakingly finessed as his defining use of warped perspectives and portrayals of higher dimensional space. Most of his paintings start with no plan or composition drawn out prior to working directly on canvas.

An avid collector of all ambient and down tempo music old and new, Adam all ways has strange sound-scapes to influence his new and ever flowing work. Also influenced by science and technology we can find a great deal of subtle memes relating to evolution and morphogenesis. Rapidly transforming glowing grids of bubbling unknown technology, floating science fiction landscapes, and references of natural and fantastical biology have all found common place in Adam’s work. These aesthetics, microcosmic and macro-cosmic themes, and high concept mashed with futurism and cubism provide an explosive view to the mind of computation and symbolic logic. Shadowing the impending nano technology boom and use of confrontational molecular geometry in the human body, these paintings are hidden realms meant to ease the transition we are all making into a future of infinite complexity.

The psychedelically colored imaginings of the self-taught painter Adam Psybe are sure to send your mind on a visual journey.Looking like an intergalactic electrical storm, the paintings embody the essence of a science fictional landscape that has been melted down and warped into a bubbly mass. Floating imagery of vibrating electrical wire, gleaming scaly sculptures, twisted floating galaxies and more, it is difficult to pinpoint one narrative in this collection of paintings. It is much easier to stare at them for hours and let your mind get lost and carried away by the flow of lines that seem to put the images into motion.

The paintings created by Adam Psybe are mystical, Science-Fictional and incomprehensible, confusing you and entrancing you all at the same time.

-Trend Hunter Art and Design 2012