Mind Cradle COVID-19 Effort

Surgical Masks are in short supply and we're ready to help. For every $20 of sales, we will make and donate at least 5 masks to medical professionals in need of them. For as long as masks are in short supply, we will make and donate as many as we are able to as well as send a free mask with every order.

Mind Cradle Surgical Mask COVID 19 PPE Donation Program

The purchase of this shirt alone donates 10 Mind Cradle Surgical Face Masks.

As always a portion of every sale proceeds to the artist, supporting them financially and empowering their art.

Mind Cradle Surgical Mask COVID-19 PPE Donation Program

By popular demand our COVID-19 Surgical Mask is now availabe for public purchase. 

Mind Cradle Surgical Mask

Please limit to 7 per person in your household or immediate work group. We need as many people to receive masks as possible.

Please note these are not N95 masks.

**Machine Wash and Hang/Tumble Dry**

We are following the crisis scenario section of the CDCs recommendations on extending the supply of viable masks. We make no medical claims with our masks. Use at your own risk.

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As the situation changes we will be posting updates here on this page. We will also be keeping you up to date via our E-Mail Newsletter. Please stay safe out there everyone.